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6059A Golf Shape Toilet Cleaner Brush For Bathroom Use

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6059A Golf Shape Toilet Cleaner Brush For Bathroom Use

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Name : 6059A Golf Shape Toilet Cleaner Brush For Bathroom Use
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Silicon Golf Toilet Cleaner Brush with Non-Slip Long Handled for Bathroom

Toilet Brush, it adopts elegant and fashionable design methods to provide high-quality tools for household bathroom cleaning. The small and exquisite design, multi-functional placement method saves space. Use easy-to-clean brush heads and materials to solve the problems of conventional cleaning of dead corners, and a good home

Provides Easy Reach
The long handle of this toilet cleaning brush allows it an easy reach to clean all possible corners. Maintain the hygiene of your toilet by using this brush every day.

Easy to Grip
The thin structure of the stem allows a comfortable grip to the user. This brush is easy to hold on to and provides a slip-free grip to help clean every inch of your toilet bowl.

Provision for Hanging
The elongated eyelet at the top of the handle allows your brush to be hung up on a hook. Hanging your brush up helps to extend its life and is a more hygienic practice than letting it lie on the floor.

1 The golf toilet brush is available in a variety of colors
2 360° clean blind corners-easy to clean corners and dark grooves
3 The toilet brush base is easy to dry and drain
4 Strong non-marking stickers, nail-free installation
5 The brush is easy to clean and does not stick to the hair.
6 The golf brush head toilet brush adopts a new type of brush head.
7 Dirt is easy to clean, does not hide the dirt, always keep it clean.
8 Using TPR flexible material, it has stronger cleaning power and does not damage the glaze.

Color: white, black, sky blue, army green.
Material: PP+TPR + Silicone.
Product size:40 x 7.2 x 5 cm / 16 x 2.9 x 2.0 inches (approx.) .
Weight: 84g(approx.)

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